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藤森 NMN 9000 說明書

甚麼是藤森 NMN 9000?

藤森 = 修正健康


本補充劑中使用的 NMN 的絕對純度為 99% 或更高。





What is Fujimori NMN 9000?

Fujimori = Repair and Fix Health

Fujimori is a nutritional supplement whose main ingredient is NMN.

The NMN used in this supplement has an absolute purity of 99% or more.

It is made under strict quality control standards in Japan.

A bottle contains 9000mg high-grade and high-purity NMN.

Fujimori was born from our wish to deliver a product whose authentic 

quality is guaranteed.

含 99% 絕對純度的 NMN

qNMR(定量核磁共振) 證實藤森中的 NMN純度為 99% 或 更高。


目前流行的分析方法是層析法,例如HPLC (高效能液相層析法)、LC (液相層析法) 和GC(氣相層析法)。層析法通過比較目標物質和標準物質來分析物質的相對純度。因此,準確性在很大程度上取決於研究人員所擁有材料的純度。相比之下,qNMR(定量核磁共振)直接準確地測量每個功能群組的氫原子數(核自旋)。正因為如此,它可以在不使用標準物質的情況下測量目標物質的絕對純度。


What is qNMR?

Currently prevailed analyzing method is chromatography such as HPLC, LC, and GC. Chromatography analyzes the relative purity of materials by comparing the target material and standard material. Because of this, the accuracy largely varies depends on the purity of materials possessed by researchers. In contrast, qNMR measures the number of the hydrogen atom  (nuclear spin) for each functional group directly and accurately. Because of this, it can measure the absolute purity of target materials without using standard materials. Analyzed values by using qNMR can be converted to other measurements such as national standards and SI (International System of Units). Thus, it is gaining popularity as a highly accurate analysis.


隨著計算技術的進步,基因讀取速度現在提高了1,000,000倍。正因為如此,對各種生物的基因組分析也取得了長足的進步。基於此背景下,2000年今井信一郎博士、華盛頓大學醫學院教授和麻省理工學院生物系教授 D. Leonard Guarente 共同發現與衰老過程密切相關的長壽基因。長壽基因存在於各種生物體中,從哺乳動物中發現了7種不同類型,包括人類。但是它通常無法正常運作或激活。該基因通常處於睡眠模式。我們如何激活該基因?”這一直是生物學領域的一個重要研究議題。多項研究表明,當生物體處於某種生理壓力下時,例如當生物體處於飢餓狀態或當溫差極端時,長壽基因會被激活。如今,禁食作為激活該基因的工具亦被受關注。據說高質量的睡眠和適當的運動對於激活該基因也非常有效。更有趣的是,最新研究發現了一種物質,可以激活所有7種哺乳動物的長壽基因。該物質稱為 NMN。此發現以科學理解及研究為建構,NMN 的研究在全球以前所未有的速度推進。Sirtuin基因(長壽基因)的激活


Discovery of Sirtuin Gene

As computing technology progress, the gene reading speed is now 1,000,000 times faster. Because of this, genome analysis on all kinds of organisms has progressed significantly as well. In this context, the sirtuin gene, which is strongly related to the aging process, was discovered by Dr. Shinichiro Imai, a professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and D. Leonard Guarente, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Biology, in 2000. The sirtuin gene exists in all sorts of organisms and 7 different types were found from mammals including humans. However, it is usually not functioning or activated. This gene usually is in sleep mode.“ How can we activate this gene?” This has been a significant research question in the field of biology.

A number of studies revealed that the sirtuin gene is activated when an organism is under certain physical stress such as when the organism is starving or when the temperature difference is extreme. Nowadays fasting is gaining attention as a tool to activate this gene. Quality sleep and appropriate exercise are said to be very effective to activate the gene as well. More interestingly, the latest study discovered a substance that activates all 7 kinds of mammal sirtuin genes. The substance is called NMN. Research on NMN has been advancing globally faster than ever for constructing scientific understanding. Activation of Sirtuin Genes 

甚麼是 NMN?


每個生物都有 NMN,它是在體內產生的。


此外,只能從飲食中攝取少量的 NMN。


What is NMN?

NMN stands for β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide and it is one of the vitamin 

B3s. Every biological being has NMN and it is generated in the body. However, 

according to the aging process, the generation of NMN slows down. In addition, 

only a little amount of NMN can be taken from the diet.

藤森NMN 9000 是在衛生監督通過GMP認證的工廠生產。GMP全稱GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE,是一套安全生產標準指標。GMP嚴格規範、全程監督生產過程,由原料接收到產品出貨的。工廠要通過GMP認證,必須其產品管理體系經過嚴格審核,並通過第三方檢測標準。

Proof of Quality

Fujimori NMN 9000 is produced in a factory whose sanitary supervision protocol is certified by GMP. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, which is a set of safe production standards. GMP strictly regulates and supervises the whole production process from the reception of ingredients to product shipment. Only

when a factory’s product management system is strictly examined and passed the third-party inspection standards, the factory is certified by GMP.

大衛·安德魯·辛克萊 博士 - 澳大利亞生物學家

Dr. David Andrew Sinclair - Australian-American Biologist

“引述曾祖母的禱告” 可不可以不變老? 喚醒長壽基因的科學革命


Lifespan : Why We Age - and Why We Don't Have to

【產品名稱】 藤森 NMN 9000
【內容量】 NMN 100mg/粒‖NMN 9000mg/瓶
【成份】 澱粉、β-煙酰胺單核苷酸/羥丙基甲基纖維素、硬脂酸鈣、二氧化矽(細粉)
【淨重】 36.63克(407m毫克 × 90粒)
【有效期】 自生產日起計兩年
【貯藏】 置於陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射。

每天用冷水或溫水服用 2 至 3 粒膠囊。


Product Details
【Product name】 Fujimori NMN 9000
【Content】 NMN 100mg/capsule NMN 9000mg/bottle
【Ingredients】 Starch, Beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide/HPMC,calcium stearate,silicon dioxide (fine powder)
【Net weight】 36.63g(407mg×90capsules)
【Expiry date】 Two years from the date of manufacture
【Storage】 Store in a cool and dry place away from directsunlight.


Take 2 to 3 capsules per day with cold or warm water.Maintain your daily diet balanced with staples, main dishes, and side dishes.

【Precautions for Use】
˙ If you have any dietary allergies, please check the ingredientsbefore use. Although rare, the product might cause discomfort depending on the body condition and constitution. In that case, please stop using this product immediately.
˙ Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if you are taking any medicines or under health providers’supervision.
˙ Increasing the daily dose does not help cure diseases or improve health. Please maintain the instructed daily does.
˙ Keep out of reach of children.

此產品沒有根據《藥劑業及毒藥條例》或《中醫藥條例》註冊。為此產品作出的任何聲稱亦沒 有為進行該等註冊而接受評核。此產品並不供作診斷、治療或預防任何疾病之用。

This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance.Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.